B-SIDE 2020

BLINDSIDE Gallery [online]
November 4 - 14


This work positions a subversion of the Christian patriarchal claim to origin of life, made by members of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence—an international agit-prop order of Gay and Lesbian nuns and monks—using the cryptic and endangered Gay language of Polari. The punctured membrane of the ground upon which the feminist subversion is written, is imagined as a chora according to Julia Kristeva’s re-framing of it as a pre-liguistic stage, or the uterus, upon which various botanic and synthetic matter congregate.

Waxing lyrical to the homily (panspermia), 2020
Hand-poked paper, shock cord, cotton thread, beeswax, polymer clay, charcoal, Acacia glaucoptera (clay wattle) and Eucalyptus seeds

Above images courtesy the artist, 2020.

Below images courtesy Bryden Williams, framing by Mount Framing, 2022.