Unstable Assemblages // Beyond Opposition

5 second video presented as a continuous loop in its original context as part of Polar Space (.org): Screen Exhibitions Program 
January 24 - 31, 2013

A conversation has been interrupted by way of a physical interaction.

A segment of dialogue [1] has been used as a virtual placement for a physical interrogation. A semi- transparent filter has been placed over the computer screen and photographed to augment the legibility of part of the text. While the underlying conversation prompts questions about the meaning of a Utopia as a No Place and the significance of ‘triangulation’ (a third position) in the common binary relationship of a text or space, the reading has been truncated. How do we value the interaction of virtual and physical filters as triggers for multiple levels of awareness and how might we consider occupation of a third space?

Through a simple frame-by-frame pastiche of three texts a) an image assemblage using the computer screen as the canvas b) a blank Photoshop interface grid and c) the conversation segment discussed above, a triangular proposition has been put forth.

According to speakers of Automatic Reading [2], a discussion held at Triple Canopy in NYC, the internet is an ambiguous field, much like an abstract painting. You don’t read it from the point of a beginning, middle and end. Here, the act of mis-reading, slipping and skimming is emphasised as a mechanism for our survival and is akin to our habitual jumping from link to link as a means of becoming liberated from a text(s) or space(s). Through this work I am questioning the agency of non-reading and abstraction as it allows for an other space, beyond oppositional binary and the pervasive daily normative of politics and imaginings.